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Nicos Rafidhias, Business Trainer

research on stability, instability and ponzi finance

storytelling ; text and cases ; documentaries

Available services :

Stock market analysis

Corporate stability and instability

Political instability periods ( reading - Cyprus ) ( reading - France )

European Union instability patterns (reading)

Ponzi financing in corporations and countries ( reading )

Photos taken for a reason, as evidence or explanation..

Paris, 2020
during protests

To be honest, I was expecting the 2023 crisis in France to exploit earlier
My estimation was for 2018 to 2019
I think it was postponed for as long as they could..

Freedom (Eleftheria) square - Nicosia, Cyprus
Estimated cost 6.5 million euros
Completed cost : 46 million euros

A perfect example of how Cyprus runs
A perfect example of how a Ponzi bill will have to be paid


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